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Treatment of Agoraphobia in ayurveda

Agoraphobia is a type of mental health disorder which makes people fear those places and situations that might cause them to feel trapped, cornered etc. Any individual having such types of phobia may feel highly panicked when they have to stand in a crowded line  surrounded by many people or when they find their seat in a packed movie theater. This fear is referred to as Agoraphobia.

Any individual who has been diagnosed with Agoraphobia experiences fear / anxiety during the below situations and so they are advised to have a caretaker along with them if avoiding such a situations seems inevitable:

  • - Public Transportation particularly in metro cities
  • - Being in an over crowded area
  • - Large Vacant / Open spaces
  • - Leaving home alone at odd hours or at peak hours
  • - Visiting shopping malls where lots of chaos exists mostly
  • - Feeling trapped in staircase or lifts or closed facilities like theatres.
Physical Symptoms of Agoraphobia are as follows: 
  • - Fast breathing
  • - Heavy sweating
  • - Higher heartbeat
  • - Feeling completely helpless
  • - Loss of oneself
  • - Dry mouth syndrome
  • - Dizziness / Faintness or light-headedness
  • - Sudden Chills and hot flashes
  • - Unknown fears and panic attacks
  • - Depending too much on others
  • - Digestion going haywire
  • - Disorientation in movement / speech
Ayurveda Perspective of Agoraphobia: 

Agoraphobia is categorized in anxiety disorders. Bhayat Vayu is the term which is denoted for such disorders in ayurvedic medical science. Bhayat Vayu means - excessive fear and panic that carries the potential to aggravate vata much higher and thereby lead to disorientation in both mind and body. By Ayurveda treatment, this deranged vata is normalized and over a period of time, the patient can start leading a normal lifestyle. Further the group of disorders which all fall in the category of anxiety concerns are correlated with "Chittodvega" and by intake of illness specific medicinal herbs as specified in ayurveda medical science, patients can be cured.

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Our Treatment Philosphy goes as follows

Every patient is unique individual, hence treatment for every person’s disease must also be unique and customized in nature. We follow below protocols in our treatment approach:

ayurveda is for holistic healing always!
Ayurveda is for holistic healing always!

Unlike conventional protocols that lays emphasis on addressing the symptoms only, its Ayurveda medicinal science which always works on the root cause of disease and not just symptoms. Ayurveda herbs begins their action on tissues by detoxifying so that normalization can be ensured.

personalized consultation and prescription
Personalized Consultation and Prescription

We shall be providing absolutely personalized, authentic Ayurvedic medicines formulated from medicinal herbs after analyzing the root cause of your ailment and its very prime reason why healing through herbs are always holistic.

tracking all updates 24*7 with patient
Tracking all updates 24 * 7 with patient

Throughout your treatment protocol, our doctor shall be staying connected with you through phone, email, WhatsApp to track and analyze all the relief progress and to answer all your health queries on almost instant basis.

dietary & Lifestyle regimen customized Just for You
Dietary & Lifestyle regimen Customized Just for You

We shall be providing customized consultation which shall include diet, home remedies and lifestyle protocols which shall help immensely alongside the medications towards achieving good health benefits at soonest possible.

For any health queries, write to us :

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