Home remedies for backache in ayurveda

Home remedies for backache in ayurveda

Back Pain Remedy: Consuming Dashmool decoction in the morning and evening will prove beneficial in case of back pain, apart from this, massage is also a very effective solution.

Back Pain Remedy: To reduce the effect of corona virus, a lockdown has been declared in the country for the last one and a half months. Due to this, most of the people have been forced to work from home. Sitting in front of the computer for hours at home, working while standing, lifting heavy weights in the wrong way can sometimes lead to back pain. Apart from this, due to sitting in the same position for a long time, the problem of back pain also starts. Earlier this problem was only for older people, but in the changing lifestyle, youth also struggle with this problem. There are many ayurvedic methods to get rid of back pain which can be useful.

Massage will help: Massage is also a very effective solution in reducing back and back pain. Anyone who is having back pain problem, they should massage the whole back with light hands. This gives relaxation to the spinal cord and also reduces pain. In addition, to prevent this pain, it is important to avoid lifting heavy things alone. Also, it is very important to keep the correct sitting position. If you want to work sitting for a long time, then keep changing your position in between.

Decoction is effective: In case of back pain, consuming Dashmool decoction in the morning and evening will prove to be beneficial. Apart from this, soak wheat grains in water at night and drink them mixed in milk with poppy seeds and coriander seeds in the morning. Consuming it twice a week will not only cure back pain, but will also give strength to the body.

Use cold therapy: You can also use cold therapy to get relief from back pain. This therapy helps to reduce swelling and pain. You can use this therapy in many ways such as putting ice in a cloth, a packet of frozen peas or a cold gel pack. Whenever you feel pain, place it on the affected area. This will give you relief.

Cumin and jaggery water: Cumin and jaggery water also helps in getting rid of the problem of back pain. There are many benefits of drinking it, one of which is getting rid of back pain. Jaggery and cumin water can give you relief from back pain. First of all, put two cups of water in a vessel and add a spoonful of crushed jaggery and a spoonful of cumin, boil it well and later pour it into a cup and you can drink this water.