Home remedies for dry hair in ayurveda

Home remedies for dry hair in ayurveda

The hair of a man's head is no less than an ornament. It is a nature given ornament. Be it women or men, everyone wants hair. The beauty of a man grows only through his hair. If a person has good hair, then the beauty of that person gets four moons, but if a person's hair is not beautiful, then his beauty also decreases as well as lack of self-confidence.

Due to today's routine and pollution, the natural oil of the hair is destroyed, due to which the hair becomes dry and lifeless. The moisture of the hair is blown away. Hair has three layers. If the hair is healthy, the natural oils in the outer layer can help protect the inner layers. It is only when the outer layer breaks that the hair becomes dry and lifeless.

What is Dry Hair

Vata dosha is the main cause of dryness of hair in Ayurveda. It dries the hair in two ways-

  • When the body does not get enough food, due to which the nutrition of the hair is not enough. Due to lack of nutrition, there is an excess of Vata quality in the body, Vata due to its rough quality makes the hair dry.
  • When Vata creates blockage inside the body. Due to the blockage, nutrients do not reach the hair and the hair becomes dry and lifeless.

Causes of Dry

Lifestyle, diet, disease, medicines, many things play a role behind the dryness of hair. Let's know about them-

  • Excessive use of heat styling equipment – ​​Excessive use of hair dryers, curlers and straighteners on the hair is also a major reason for hair breakage, dryness and lifelessness.
  • -Use of bad or wrong hair care products- In fact the chemicals present in wrong and bad products can burn any item. The skin of the scalp has more pores than the skin of the hands and feet, so using so many harsh chemicals on it can lead to stress. Due to which the hair becomes dry.
  • Due to excessive washing of hair- Shampooing the hair too much can also lead to dry hair. Although the amount of shampooing varies from person to person, it is considered ideal to shampoo two to three times in a week. Too much shampooing strips the hair of its natural and protective oils that give it shine. Due to this, the skin of the scalp also becomes dry and itchy and the hair also becomes dry.
  • Environmental factors- The environment in which you live can also make your hair dry. The excessive heat of the sun, cold winds and low humidity etc. also have a great effect on your hair. The shine of the hair also fades when exposed to sunlight. If you live in a tropical climate, chances are you spend more time in chlorinated water, which is known to dry out hair.
  • Medicines- Many medicines also cause hair to become dry and thin. These include antidepressants, antibiotics, acne medications, antifungals, chemotherapy drugs, high BP drugs, weight loss drugs, arthritis and many more. Do not stop or change any medicine without consulting the doctor. But talk to your doctor about your concerns, symptoms of the problem, and possible options. Sometimes the problem of dry hair is solved by just changing the medicines (balo ki samasya ka samadhan).

Illness- Dryness of hair can be a sign of these two diseases-

  • Anorexia nervosa - This is a problem that is related to our diet, in this problem a person reduces his food and drink due to fear of being fat and does not eat food even when he is hungry, due to which Because that person's body does not get the necessary nutrients and there is a deficiency of proteins and vitamins in the body, the effect of this deficiency first falls on the person's hair and his hair becomes dry and lifeless and starts breaking or falling.
  • Hypothyroidism - This is a disease in which the thyroid gland stops producing thyroid hormone, the first symptom of this disease is dry and lifeless hair. If your hair is also becoming dry and lifeless, then get this disease tested as soon as possible.

How to prevent Dry hair

Some changes in your lifestyle and diet are needed to protect hair from dryness. Let us know in detail about what they are-

  • Do not let the hair become dirty- According to dermatologists, it becomes necessary to wash the hair as soon as it starts looking oily. By keeping the scalp clean, there is no dandruff and hair also grows. Hair should be washed twice a week with a mild shampoo.
  • Keep in mind while applying oil- Applying oil to the hair is very necessary to nourish them, but applying too much oil clogs the pores of the scalp because oil also comes out from the skin of the head, so apply oil on the skin of the head. It is more important to apply more oil on the hair instead.
  • Avoid using chemical products- Sprays and other chemicals used for hair styling spoil the hair, they weaken the hair roots, causing problems like hair breakage, for making hairstyles Make a pack or mask at home.
  • Too much colouring – Avoid coloring and bleaching the hair, using them regularly makes the hair dry and weak, which leads to thinning of hair. Use natural henna to color the hair.
  • Do not comb wet hair - Most of the women and girls make the mistake of combing wet hair in a hurry, avoid doing this, if the hair is wet then untangle them with the help of fingers and comb only when the hair is dry.
  • -Using hair dryer- It is okay to use hair dryer occasionally but its daily use brings dryness to the hair, so try to use it sparingly.
  • Excessive use of dyes and bleach on hair - Hair color and bleach usually contain harsh chemicals that destroy the natural oils present in the hair. You can use henna to color your hair while keeping it shiny and healthy.

Diet plan

  • Soy Protein Shake-Protein Shake especially in which soy protein is very harmful for the hair because of the hexane (petroleum solvent) in soy which is the cause of hair loss.
  • Eating a diet rich in cholesterol and saturated fat increases the level of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which destroys the hair follicles. (Read more: Cholesterol home remedies)
  • Alcohol, nicotine, caffeinated diet - Nicotine and caffeine-rich diet destroys the vitamin-C present in the body. Due to which nutrients do not reach the body. This makes the hair dry and dry.
  • Sugar-Sugar hinders the absorption of proteins in the body. It is particularly damaging to the hair follicle for which protein is essential for general health. Sugar should be avoided as much as possible for healthy hair.
  • Sodium- Sodium i.e. salt is necessary for the body, but only in a certain amount. 2,300 mg daily under normal conditions. The body needs less salt. In disease (high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease) or above the age of 50, the daily intake of salt should be 1,500 mg. Should not be more than If more than this salt enters the body regularly, it not only harms the body, but also causes hair fall and dryness.
  • Processed food – Process food contains MSG, a substance that is anti-healthy hair monosodium glutamate. Its abbreviation is MSG. MSG or similar in packaged foods. That's why we should stay away from this type of food to get healthy hair.
  • Sugary substances like sucrose, fructose and dextrose present in processed food destroy essential vitamins like Vitamin-E, K and C from the body, which leads to hair damage.
  • Bleached Wheat Flour – Bleached wheat flour can also do harm. Wheat flour is bleached to give white colour. In comparison to normal flour, such flour is very lacking in nutrients. For this, efforts are made to enrich such flour with nutrients again, but according to experts, in this effort these nutrients (like iron) become harmful instead of beneficial and harm the body as well as the hair. Therefore, in the problem of hair fall, one should stay away from this type of flour.
  • Diet Soda-Died soda contains sweeteners which contain aspartame as an ingredient which is responsible for dull hair and loss of texture apart from hair damage.

Home Remedies for Dry hair

Generally, people first try home remedies to reduce the dryness of hair. Let us know which are some such home remedies by which the hair becomes settled and soft-

Drink Plenty Water for Silky and Sofy Hair

Dryness in hair is due to the lack of moisture in them, to avoid this, drink more and more water, by doing this your hair will get proper moisture and it will not become dry.

Oil Helps to Ease Dry Hair

Nutrition is very important to remove dryness of hair. You should give such nourishment to your hair, which will make them silky and strong (home remedies for silky and shiny hair). Oils help in giving complete nourishment to the hair. For this, mix equal quantity of coconut and almond oil. Add half a teaspoon of castor oil to it. After this, if you want, you can also add a few drops of rosemary or lavender oil to it. Mix them well and massage it on the scalp. Afterwards, shampoo the hair and wash it with lukewarm water. It is better to use shampoo which is specially found for dry hair.

Perhaps you do not know that hair fall starts by applying different types of oil in the hair, so try to always use mustard oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil in the hair, it strengthens your hair. And it is very helpful in making thick, these oils make the hair soft.

Pumpkin Beneficial for Dry Hair

The problem of damaged hair can also be cured by using pumpkin. For this you take a pumpkin and make pieces of it. Now mix some curd in these pieces and mix it. Now apply this mixture on your hair. After keeping it for some time wash the hair with clean water. Pumpkin contains many vitamins which are helpful in keeping our hair healthy. Use of pumpkin is beneficial for dry lifeless hair.

Milk and Besan Good for Dry Hair

This is a great way to fix dry or rough hair. For this, first take a cup of raw milk and mix two to three spoons of gram flour in it, now mix them well and make a paste. Apply this paste well on the hair and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash the hair with cold water. By doing this your hair will be shiny as well as their dryness will also disappear. The use of milk and gram flour is beneficial as a home remedy to make hair silky.

Nutritious Food Beneficial for Dry Hair

Apart from all this, to treat dry hair, you also have to take care of your diet. You take nutritious and balanced food and take more and more fluids (balo ke liye postik aahar). Include more protein rich foods in your diet. Your diet is very important for proper nutrition of hair. Home remedies (balo ko mulayam karne ke gharelu upay) are very useful for making hair silky.

Honey Best for Silky and Shiny Hair

We know about the benefits of honey on health. But, do you know that honey can be used to make hair silky and healthy. For this, mix one teaspoon of honey in two cups of warm water and mix it well. Apply it well on the hair and leave it. Wash thoroughly after half an hour. Your hair will become soft and smooth (dry hair remedy). Tips to silky dry hair proves to be very effective.

Aloe Vera Beneficial for Dry Hair

Aloe vera is a medicine that is used to get rid of skin related problems, but do you know that it can also be used to remove dryness from the hair, it is a plant that needs more soil or soil to grow. There is no need to spend a lot of money, if something has to be done for its remedy, then just cut the leaves of this plant and take out the gel from them. Apply this gel in your hair one hour before washing hair and then wash the hair, do this twice a week, it will remove the dryness of your hair (dry hair remedy) and they will become shiny. This method of taking care of dry hair is very easy.

Lemon Good for Dry

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which is beneficial for hair. This is the best home remedies for dry hair to get rid of the problem of dryness of hair. Apart from dryness, lemon also helps in getting rid of other hair problems, using lemon also makes a difference in the length of our hair. For this, take the juice of one to two lemons and add water to it. After that apply this mixture well on your hair and scalp. After applying the mixture, massage the hair with light hands. After an hour wash the hair with plain water. Be sure to use it thrice a week, the dryness of your hair will start reducing in a few uses.

Amla Mixture Best for Silky and Shiny Hair

Amla and Aloe Vera are very beneficial for making hair strong, Amla is very helpful for hair growth. Vitamin C is found in plenty in Amla, which is very important for hair, apart from this, aloe vera is also very beneficial for hair, it reduces hair fall and makes hair strong.

Coconut Oil and Curd Beneficial for Dry Hair

Many types of properties are found in coconut oil and milk. Compared to other oils, this oil helps your hair to grow faster, for this, mix natural coconut milk with curd and honey and apply it on the scalp, after keeping it for some time wash your hair with shampoo. If you want, you can also add fenugreek seeds and black pepper to this milk. This dry hair remedy proves to be very beneficial for dry hair.

Hibiscus Beneficial for Hair Growth and Silky Hair

There are many benefits of hibiscus flowers and leaves for hair. It protects your hair from breakage and graying and at the same time provides them with nourishment. For this, mix the dried flowers of hibiscus with sesame, coconut or almond oil. After that massage your scalp with this mixture. Leave it like this for some time and after drying wash the hair with mild shampoo. By doing this your hair will become shiny and soft.